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Love & Lentils offers a straightforward approach to yoga designed to support your life. It is based in Lewes, East Sussex.


See our calendar here and news of our yoga retreat here.


At Love & Lentils, yoga is accessible to everyone. It is taught one step at a time and based on individual needs


Sumiya is the founder of Love & Lentils. She is a kind and supportive teacher with a welcoming smile. Sumiya uses established methods of teaching in ways that are relevant for today's life.


Everyone is welcome. Those with an established practice are invited to explore and deepen their practice. Those who are new and curious about yoga are invited simply to come along and try it out.


Love & Lentils holds yoga classes in Lewes. One to One yoga is also available.


They say all you need is love. Add some lentils to the mix and the love becomes grounded - a good base for a yoga practice to support your life.


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