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The Ashtanga Intermediate Series

WHEN: Saturday 12 November, 9am to 11am

WHERE: Cliffe Hall, Cliffe High Street, Lewes BN7 2AH

If you have been practising consistently for a while, and have built a strong foundation through the primary series poses, you may well be interested in what comes next.

During this workshop we will explore the patterns and poses of the Intermediate Series (also known as nadi shodhana), which works in a distinctly different way to the Primary Series. It is an uplifting, energising sequence in which we start to explore more challenging backbends, forward bends, and arm balances. It's a lot of fun, and will deepen your knowledge of the Ashtanga practice.

There will be plenty of time to answer any questions you might have. This group will be small enough to ensure everyone receives the attention they need.

Cost: £35 payable on booking



Keeping the fire alive

Monthly guidance and support from September to December 2022

As teachers and students interested in yoga teaching, or long-time consistent home practitioners, we are often faced with challenges. Life throws many things our way, questions often arise and guidance may be required as we strive to maintain a healthy and dynamic balance and to keep the yogic fire alive.

Mentoring offers a chance to share experiences and to seek guidance with practice and teaching in a way that best suits you. It provides support as you continue exploring your own path and investigating further the magical aspects of yoga that inspire you, from asana, philosophy, and meditation through to the healing aspects of the practice.

This group will be formed with the intention of offering clarity, direction and support, through open discussion around yoga topics of particular interest. Deepen and extend your own practice and understanding with insightful advice, practical assistance and a touch of inspiration?

How it works:

This mentoring group will be kept small and limited to members who commit to four sessions in advance. A one hour meeting will be held in person and by zoom once a month with dates arranged to suit all members.

An interactive WhatsApp group will also be established, to both continue the conversation between sessions and to provide a home for anything else if interest.

Cost is £80, payable on booking, for the four sessions.


special classes

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