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A regular yoga practice allows some time and space to tune in to yourself.


Every time you practise it will be different.  The key is to practise each time as if it is your first and drop any expectations or judgements. Just come with a curiosity of what your practice holds that day.


The yoga poses are one aspect of the true meaning of yoga and are often the best way to get started. The poses will come with time and practice. Everyone comes to yoga with a different strength and flexibility.


The deeper effect of yoga is the awareness that it can cultivate over time. What happens on the yoga mat on any given day is a good reflection of what is happening in life. It is neither good nor bad. It is just a question of what is showing up.


With a little patience and understanding, the time and effort spent on the mat can have a lasting effect in life. Yoga is a great tool when used wisely.


In time, the wider and true meaning of yoga will reveal itself. Yoga is a sanskrit word which means union. This has many interpretations. At Love & Lentils, yoga is about the connection with the flow of life.


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